Work History

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I wanted to take a moment to explain my work history thus far.

In high school i worked at a few establishments. At age 15, a good friend of mine and i decided to start a lawn care business, known as Green Monster Lawn Care. At the time, we both wanted some type of income and something to keep up out of trouble. Green Monster quickly grew and kept us busy throughout the summer. The business is still in existence to this day, and we operate Spring, Summer and Fall.

My first payroll job was at Pizza Hut in a suburb in Kansas. I was hired as a cook, where i mastered the art of pizza making and dish washing. After several months as a cook, i was presented a promotion to Shift Manager. After long consideration, i politely declined and changed roles to become a server. I continued as a server for an additional few months, after which i resigned.

Following Pizza Hut, i was hired to work at QuikTrip. QuikTrip is a convenience store originally based in the Midwest, but has quickly spread throughout the United States. I worked as a clerk at QuikTrip for just over a year, where i interacted with hundreds of customers daily, dealing with the oh-so fun customer complaints and typical slushy spills that were tracked throughout the store.

About a month before i graduated high school, i was offered a position at a Ford car dealership in Wichita, Mel Hambelton Ford. After consideration i accepted the offer and resigned from QuikTrip. I was hand selected as part of a team with two additional members for a new concept to the car dealership industry. My new title- Delivery Team Specialist. As a member of the Delivery Team, i trained on Ford vehicles and taught customers about the slick technology in their brand spankin’ new rides. I quickly found this position to be both rewarding and extremely beneficial for Mel Hambelton’s Customer Service Scores. After several months as a Delivery Team Specialist, i found a passion for Social Media. After proving a case to the Dealer Principal and General Manager, i was given a chance to operate the social media for the dealership. Two months later, i play two roles- Delivery Team Specialist and Social Media Guru (or nerd, whichever you prefer).

Summarizing my strengths in the work place thus far, i would have to consider myself to be a people person, an employee with significant drive and passion, a leader among coworkers, and the ability to take a great deal of grief from upset and cranky customers. I would not change working for anything. I met some truly amazing people at each workplace, learned an abundance of knowledge and realized that if you make the best of working, clocking in doesn’t have to be so bad.

Like we said at QuikTrip, “Have a good one. We’ll see you next time.”



The Beginning of Adulthood

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This would be my first official post on a blog. As i ponder what to write, i think about what stands out to me. I call myself a college student, a friend, a son, a brother and a coworker. I have decided to utilize this blog to share personal experiences, business opportunities and lessons I’ve learned along the way to becoming a grown adult. Hopefully you read this to learn more about the mistakes and lessons i have learned and hopefully save yourself from falling through the ice that I’ve once walked.


I ask that you share any insights to issues, concerns, questions and general thoughts that i talk about. I want to learn to become stronger, wiser, and better as a person.